Environment Protection

Since the beginning of our presence in Poland we have carried out a number of investments which reduced our footprint. This area is of great importance to us, as the future of the our company and the steel industry in Poland and Europe depends on innovative solutions, which minimize impact of our operations.


reduction of CO2 emissions since the beginning of our operations in Poland.


reduction of dust

Pro-ecological investments

Among the largest investments are modernization of sinter belt no 1 and 3 along with dedusting system and modernization of dedusting systems at the steel shop in Dąbrowa Górnicza. These projects are worth in total PLN 700 m.

Moreover we modernized coke batteries in Zdzieszowice and blast furnace in Kraków in 2016.

Apart from these large investments there are also smaller initiatives which help reducing our footprint. We equip our installations with additional industrial hoods and industrial vacuum cleaners.

Tomorrow without smog

ArcelorMittal Poland

There is no emission free industry, industry is accountable for about 17% of dust emissions however this is the low emission which is the source of PM10 dust.

ArcelorMittal Poland is not only modernizing its production plant but also organizes campaigns promoting ecological solutions or rising awareness like the one in Kraków “Tomorrow without smog”.  

Foresting of areas located in our neighborhood is apart from our investment in modern technology one of the largest project aiming at minimizing our impact on environment. In the past we planted about 600 000 trees under the programme of green revolution.

In 2019 we started a project to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta and are going to plant 70 000 trees in Nowa Huta.


Our aim is to manage waste and reuse them in the production process. Waste is recovered directly in our installations or handled by external companies. In Kraków and Zdzieszowice part of waste is transferred to our own industrial waste stockpile. Main by-products of production process is slag, dust and sludge.

Coke and blast furnace gas which is a by-product of production process is used to produce heat in our power plants. Slag is used by construction industry. Thanks to waste reusing we minimize the use of raw materials, which contributes to natural resources protection. 


About 60% of water sewage in Dabrowa Górnicza plant is reused.

In our plants water is recycled as well.

  • About 40% of water in Kraków plant is reused
  • About 20% in Zdzieszowice

Did you know that:

Steel is a fully recyclable product

ArcelorMittal plants process the greatest amount of scrap all over the world

We recycle 1.2 tons of steel per second

Every year 400 m tons of steel scrap are reused and recycled

Green Officer

We want to participate in the dialogue with everyone interested in ArcelorMittal Poland’s pro-ecological activities and its environmental footprint. That is why, we introduced into our structures a position of a Green Officer.

Anna Kuwałek, Dąbrowa Górnicza

tel. +48 32 776 66 23

Krzysztof Kowolik, Zdzieszowice

tel. +48 774 452 413

Jolanta Zawitkowska, Kraków

tel. +48 12 290 38 91

Green Officer